Welcome to the House’s residency! This manual contains information you need to have a productive and smooth experience. 

  • Thursday & Friday ticket alert!


    Free on the street. 2-hour limit in front of the House, but it's almost never enforced. If you can't afford to take the risk, look for 4-hour or unrestricted parking a few blocks away, such as on Nebraska.

    Important! On Thursday and Friday, observe the parking sign for street cleaning between 12-3pm. Park on the Stoner Park side on Thursday and park on the House's side on Fridays, or you WILL get a $70+ ticket.
  • Your PIN for the large black gate

    Security and Access

    Please enter through the large black gate that has the house number 1837. Your PIN for the intercom is the last 4 digit of your number plus the "#" sign. You should hear a little chime from the intercom and then a little click from the door latch when it unlocks. Push the door handle to open the door (the handle won't turn, just push). Close the door behind you so it stays locked. (Text/call the Cave Master if you encounter issues.)

    Once you get through the black gate, walk down the side yard on your left and go all the way to the backyard.

    In case of electricity or network outage and the intercom doesn't work, first try turning the handle to see the gate is unlocked. Don't hesitate to contact the Cave Master if you are locked out.
  • No hello, no goodbye

    Hours & Arrival/Departure Etiquette

    The residency hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5:45PM. Note: only the outdoor area will be open at 9AM. The indoor area (and the restroom inside) is open from 10:30AM. So please plan ahead and maybe stop by Trader Joes, Target, or the Stoner park nearby for restroom if you come before 10:30.

    Please clear out from the inside by 5:45PM and the patio door to the inside will be locked at that time.

    Enter and leave as you wish during the residency hours but quietly. No need to say hello or goodbye.

    Take your belongings with you and return things you have moved when you are done for the day.
  • Quiet please

    Space-Sharing Etiquette

    Other than the common lunch hour of 12:30-1:30 PM, please refrain from chatting. If no one is working in the courtyard (the little space immediately inside the black gate), you can talk at the bistro table there, or go to the park across the street.

    If you wish to socialize during the common lunch hour of 12:30-1:30 PM, please sit at the common lunch table (the low table at the back deck by the black shed, between the BBQ and the giant birds of paradise). Please assume that those who are not at the table are busy working and retrain from talking to them.
  • $0.50 for k-pod coffee, $0.25 for tea.

    Coffee, Tea, Water

    There is a k-pod coffee machine with an assortment of k-pod coffee. There are also some tea bags and a instant hot-water faucet. Please contribute 50 cents for each k-pod and 25 cents for each tea bag. If you don't have cash or the exact change, feel free to keep track of what you used and pay the cash jar when you can. It's an honor system.
  • Bathroom

    Please use the bathroom downstairs instead of the one upstairs.
  • Available inside, outside, and upstairs

    WIFI Password

    Network: Homer-eero Guest
    Password: EchoMirrors534
  • A shoeless and smokeless space.

    No shoes indoors, no smoking inside or outside.

    Please leave your shoes on the deck outside of the glass patio doors. You can bring indoor slippers and leave them during the duration of your residency in any of the white cabinets in the garage (accessible through the white door by the curved cabinets).

    Absolutely no smoking inside or outside. If you need to smoke, please go to the park across the street.
  • If bugs love you...

    Outdoor bug repellents available.

    There may be flying insects outdoors. Try the repellents on the basket outside the glass patio doors.
  • Attention!

    Light switches (!!!)

    The light switches trip up a lot of people. All the switches are dimmer switches. To turn on the light, ** tap the top half of the rocker switch assertively without your fingers lingering on the switch**. In other words, just tap and let go. Don't hold. This turns on the light to the previously set brightness. There is a slight delay before the lights will turn on, which confuses people and they press and hold, which changes brightness instead. To turn off, tap the bottom half of the switch briefly and let go. To change brightness, press and hold. If you see any light extremely dim, then someone had held the button down to turn it off, but instead just dimmed it to the lowest level. Confused? It's not you, it's me. Ask for a demo.
  • The air-conditioning is on indoors.

    Keep the glass patio doors closed

    The inside has air conditioning. Please keep the doors closed.
  • Mis libros son tus libros.

    Books in the library

    Feel free to read any books, magazines, and journals you find on the bookshelves. Just put them back when you are done.

Indoors and Outdoors Work Station

The work stations are first come first serve. Free free to try out different spots.

!! Feel free to move outdoor tables/chairs/umbrellas around for shade.

  • Outdoors

    @ Sofa
    @ Egg chair behind the bamboo tree
    @ Egg chair below the persimmons tree
    @ White lounge chairs
    @ Black and wood bistro tables among the steel planting beds
    @ Long picnic table on the low deck
    @ Low table at the elevated deck (except 12:30-1:30 when it serves as the common lunch table).
    @ Black bistro table in the courtyard (immediately inside the black gate)
  • Indoors Downstairs

    @ Sofa
    @ Long dining table
    @ Eames lounge chair (the orange leather chair+ottoman..feel free to nudge Bojangles the gray cat off the chair)
    @ Breakfast nook (by the kitchen)
    @ Kitchen island high chairs
    @ Window seat (at the curved cabinets/shelves next to the kitchen
  • Indoors Upstairs

    @ Giant window perch
    Those who are adventurous and agile can let down the rope ladder and use it to climb up. Otherwise, you can find a step ladder behind the larger mirrored closet at the corner. (The closet doesn't have a handle. Open it by having your finger under the bottom edge of the mirror door.)
  • To charge your devices

    Look for power stripes on the ground near each work station.
  • Laptop lap desks available

    You can find laptop lap desks (those teal blue things) in the basket by the glass patio doors. Please return them when you are done for the day.
  • No entry: the front yard

    The front yard and the little house belong to our tenant. Please don't enter.

Common Lunch Hour (12:30 – 1:30 P.M.)

If you wish to socialize during the common lunch hour, please sit at the common lunch table (the low table at the back deck by the black shed). Otherwise, feel free to have lunch any time, anywhere. 

  • Lunch option 1

    Make a simple meal at the kitchen

    Please keep your cooking simple and refrain from generating a lot of grease/smoke/noise, between the common lunch hour. You can use the stove, oven, microwave, and any utensils, plates, bowls, cups, tools you find in the kitchen. Feel free to open the drawers and cabinets if you're looking for something. Please clean after yourself and put any dirty dishes and utensils in the dishwasher. The cave master will start the dishwasher at the end of everyday.

    - oil and salt in the pullout cabinets to the left and right of the stove
    - soy sauce and more condiments in the fridge
    - trash bin to the right of the microwave
    - microwave containers below the microwave
    - dishwasher hidden to the right of the large sink cabinet
    - lots of spice in the middle drawer to the left of the fridge
    - small tools on the top drawer to the left of the fridge, and more small tools in the middle drawer to the left of the stove
    - chopping boards on the top drawer to the left of the stove
  • Lunch option 2

    Go out to restaurants or supermarkets

    Yelp is the best way to locate restaurants nearby.

    @ 7 minutes walk north: There are about 10 restaurants on Santa Monica Blvd between Bundy and Barrington. (Subway sandwiches, Starbucks, several sushi restaurants, etc.)

    @15 minutes walk east: There are about 25 restaurants on Sawtelle. Asian food galore plus two good burger places.

    @5 minutes walk south: There are 5 restaurants (taco, burger, sandwich, etc) on Olympic&Bundy, in this little strip mall by the gas station.

    @10 minutes walk south: Trader Joes and Ralphs' supermarkets on Olympic & Barrington
  • To the right of the large sink


    You don't have to wash the dishes or mugs or glasses you use. Just put them in the dishwasher. You don't have to rinse the dishes before you put them in (although do scrap off the leftover). This dishwasher loves dirty dishes,
  • In the pull-out cabinet to the left of the large sink

    Trash Bins and Garbage Disposal

    The front bin is for general trash, the back bin is for recycling. We don't have compost bins. Just put it in the general trash bin or down the garbage disposal. The button for the garbage disposal is on the island, the very right flat silver button to the right of the large sink faucet.
  • Attention!!

    Kitchen faucets are touch on/off

    The kitchen faucets turn on or off by touch. Keep the faucet handles in the on position so they respond to touch. If touch doesn't work, that means someone has put the handles in the off position. Return the handles to the on position if this happens. For the large faucet: handle away from you = cold; handle towards you = hot. For the small bar sink faucet: handle towards you=cold, handle away=hot. Tricky, I know. It takes a while for the hot water to arrive.

Questions? Suggestions? Problems?

Find the Cave Master during the office hour or write down your comment in the feedback jar.

  • Non-urgent matters?

    Email your questions, suggestions, issues.

    Please email the Cave Master if you have any questions not answered by this manual, if you have any suggestions, or if you notice anything amiss. The Cave Master will deal with the matter in a timely manner.
  • Need to talk?

    Cave Master Office Hour 1:30-2 P.M. daily

    To discuss business, please find the Cave Master during the office hour. Outside this time, please do not disturb the Cave Master as she is somewhere in the fiction land.