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What is the Los Angeles Writers’ House Residency Program?
It’s a month-long daytime writing retreat in the House.
Who participates in the residency?
We welcome writers of all forms. The ecosystem of the House thrives from the cross pollination of varied disciplines and diverse passions.
What kind of projects do residents work on?
We don’t care what type of project a resident works on so long as it is fueled by a unique vision and voice. Let us know about your passion project in the application.
What do residents get during each month-long residency?
  • Full time or part time access to work at the House, which has beautiful and lush indoor/outdoor work space with plenty of niches and work stations.
  • The camaraderie of a small group of dedicated, passionate residents.
Do residents actually live in the House?
No, housing is not part of the residency. The House is a work-residence with opening hours. Most of the program residents are based in Los Angeles, and out-of-towners rent short-term accommodations nearby. We hope that residents spend so much time in the House working on their project during their month-long residency that they feel like they live here.
Do residents pay a fee?
The first month is free for all first-time residents. For repeat residents, the fee to enroll is $135 for one month of full-time access and $100 for part time access.  This fee helps maintain and sustain the House. To support artists, we do offer financial assistance (fee waiver) for anyone who is experiencing financial difficulty.

What's the difference between full vs. part time?

Full time = all hours access during the open hours of the House. Part time = fewer than 20 hours per week, which can be distributed across the week or concentrated in a few days a week. See below for the open hours.

What are the House’s open hours?
During the 4 weeks of each month-long residency, the House is open Monday to Friday (including most minor holidays), except major holidays as specified in the welcome email to residents. The outdoor space (no restroom) is open 9 AM to 5:45PM and the indoor space (with restroom) is open 10:30AM to 5:45 PM.
How many residents do you accept?
The House accepts up to 8 residents during each monthly cycle. Repeat residents can enroll on a first-come-first-serve basis. First-time residents must apply first. Repeat residents are given priority but in general we try to accept at least 2 first-time residents each cycle.
Where is the House?
It’s hidden in West Los Angeles near Stoner Park. The exact location of the House is known only to the House’s insiders, but we can tell you that it”s in a quiet and convenient neighborhood, with lush and tall trees and plenty of free street parking, within walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants, the L.A. Metro Expo Line (Expo/Bundy stop) and bus stations.
What is the work space like?
The House is designed by an architect to be an open space with excellent feng-shui for creativity, seamless indoor/outdoor connection, a lush garden with plenty of niches to work in, and a gourmet chef’s kitchen. The tables and spots are on a first-come-first-reserve basis. You can take a virtual tour of the space but the best way to experience working at the House is come to our next Submission and Reading Party, where you’ll spend the first hour submitting work to your target destinations.
What is a typical day like at the House?
Arrive, find a spot that you like, plant your ass in the chair for the next X hours; at lunch time, warm up your food at the kitchen or order from the day’s take-out menu, enjoy lunch with your fellow residents (if you wish); continue ass-in-the-chair in the afternoon, leave feeling good about what you accomplished. Rinse and repeat.
What kind of schedules do residents keep? Are there any core hours? What is full-time vs. part-time?
We encourage residents to keep a regular schedule during the month. (Consistency is good for creativity.) On your application, you specify what hours you intend to keep.

  • Full-time residents get full access during all the open hours.
  • Part-time residents get up to 20 hours of access per week. The hours can be distributed in any way but we do encourage a consistent schedule.
  • There are no “core hours,” but residents are encouraged to have lunch with other residents during the common lunch hour of 12:30-1:30.
How do residents access the House?
Residents are given a personal pin code to enter the House any time during the open hours.
Can I extend my residency beyond one month? Can I participate in more than one month-long residency?
Yes, repeat residents are welcomed. Only first-time residents need to apply. Once you have been a resident, you can enroll in future residencies any time you wish.
What is the enrollment/application deadline?
I’m an artist in ___, can I participate in the residency?
Yes, although most residents are writers, we are open to artists of other disciplines as long as all you need for this particular phase of your project is a mobile work space for your pen/paper/laptop. You can’t keep tools or other things in the House, and the work space is only suitable for writing.
I’m allergic to cats. Should I be concerned?
Our two resident cats Mango and Bojangles are old and keep to themselves. Our hardwood floor is vacuumed daily, and there are plenty of outdoor workstations, but please consult your doctor and take precautions depending on the seriousness of your allergy.

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