2019 Literary Costume Party

Saturday, December 7th, 5 P.M. – 9:30 P.M.


Some news to celebrate this year: Ella Martinsen Gorham (Spring 2019 Writers’ Circle) in 2019 Best American Short Stories with her story Protozoa. You can now order Once Removed, the short story collection by one of our instructors Colette Sartor and winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. Rachel Vogel (August 2019 Resident) won the Halifax Fiction Prize of American Short Fiction with her story Visitors. Daniel Pope (Spring 2019 Writers’ Circle) was a finalist in Narrative’s 2019 Winter Story Contest with his story Making a Difference.

Saturday, December 7th, 5 – 9:30 P.M.
@ Los Angeles Writers’ House
(Address in West L.A. to be emailed days prior.) 

Best Costume Prize and Best Reading Prize:
A gift box of Short Story Advent Calendars
with 25 short stories curated by Hingston & Olsen

Most Literate Audience Prize:
A Ghost Box of 25 ghost stories also by Hingston & Olsen

Co-Hosts & Prize Judges: Paul Mandelbaum, Lou Mathews, Colette Sartor, Monona Wali
Host: Claire Lin

Come dressed as your favorite fiction character or your personal literary hero for a chance to win the Best Costume Prize.

Bring a fabulous dish to share. It’s a potluck.

Optional: Enter the reading contest to win the Best Reading Prize by reading aloud a great flash story (<5 minutes) that is not a straight realist story (i.e. anything off-kilter, scary, uncanny, strange, magical…) and published by an author other than yourself, ideally a known author, a great story, but not a very familiar story. Keep your author/title secret. The audience will compete for the Most Literate Audience Prize by identifying the authors.



Attendance is expected to be YUGE, and space is limited. RSVP ASAP!

You will need to find by Dec. 3rd an uncanny/strange/surreal/magical/scary flash story published by a known writer other than yourself, a story that can be read out loud in its entirety in 5 minutes or less.